Who am I?

A brief description of who you are, and the name of the project for which you use Dask.

The Problem I’m trying to solve

Include context and detail here about the problem that you’re trying to solve. Details are very welcome here. You’re probably writing to someone within your own field so feel free to use technical speech.

You shouldn’t mention Dask here yet; focus on your problem instead. Why is it important? Why is it hard? Who does this problem affect?

How Dask helps

Describe how Dask helps you to solve this problem. Again, details are welcome. New readers probably won’t know about specific API like “we use client.scatter” but probably will be able to follow terms used as headers in documentation like “we used dask dataframe and the futures interface together”.

We also encourage you to mention how your use of Dask has changed over time. What originally drew you to the project? Is that still why you use it or has your perception or needs changed?

Pain points when using dask

Dask has issues and it’s not always the right solution for every problem. What are things that you ran into that you think others in your field should know ahead of time?

Technology I use around Dask

This might be other libraries that you use with Dask for analysis or data storage, cluster technologies that you use to deploy or capture logs, etc.. Anything that you think someone like you might want to use alongside Dask.

Other information

Is there something else that didn’t fit into the sections above? Feel free to make your own.